Lifespan Approach

Since the inception of Shuchona Foundation (SF) in 2011 as ‘Global Autism Public Health’, it has been working in life-span approach for disability inclusion. The approach is adapted from the concept of ‘Lifespan Development’ that studies how humans learn, mature, and adapt from infancy to adulthood to elderly phases of life. SF defines lifespan approach as working towards the scope of equal access and opportunities for the person with disabilities (PWDs) in every aspect of their civic and social life from the infancy to late adulthood. The aim is to ensure the inclusion and active participation of the PWDs at home, educational institutes, and communities. The following areas are considered for developing interventions and programs for PWDs in lifespan approach :

  1. Social awareness
  2.  Early Identification and healthcare
  3. Early childhood development
  4. Inclusive education
  5. Employment
  6. Legal support and protection