Mission & Vision, Objectives


Shuchona Foundation intends to enable innovative ideas and approaches in the area of neurodevelopment disabilities, mental health issues, and other vulnerable groups, enabling inclusion in social, economic, political and cultural progress, and mitigating challenges individuals experience as a consequence of their disability or due to discrimination and prejudice.


Shuchona Foundation envisages a society that has a universal support system and environment, where a person with any disability, can live a productive and meaningful life as included, and not just integrated, members of the society.


To enhance social inclusion:

  • Impact the lives of individuals and families affected by NDDs, mental health and other vulnerable groups.
  • Develop innovative, low cost sustainable programs implemented within the existing national development infrastructure.
  • Remain a low density, high impact organization to implement high potential and effective initiatives while engaging multi-sector stakeholders.
  • Leverage disability network internationally to access/share high performing initiatives and best practices.
  • Bring greater collaboration among various disability types and vulnerable people nationally and internationally.